Strategic Initiatives Unveiled in GARFA Executive Council Meeting with the GFA President.

During a recent session between the President of the Ghana Football Association and the GARFA Executive Council, a range of strategic initiatives unfolded. Mr. Eugene Noel Nobel’s inclusion in the GFA Executive Council Membership and the appointment of Mr. Daasebre Adu Asare as a Regional Coordinator of the GFA were acknowledged.
Notably, the commitment to provide pickup vehicles to RFAs demonstrated a focus on grassroots football support.

Live coverages for all Regional Division 2 middle leagues were promised, showcasing an emphasis on visibility. The call for the introduction of a Women’s Division Colt league highlighted a forward-looking approach, with acknowledgment of the challenges faced in its initiation. The proposal to implement an age cap aimed at expediting this process.

Chairman Kataah expressed gratitude for the supply of football logistics, while discussions around the use of Ghana cards for registration documents were initiated. The president’s commendable move to introduce a salary system for key roles like Regional Vice Chairman, Referees Manager, and Referee District Instructors was recognized.

The Exco Council, while thanking the president, sought assistance in expediting actions on petitions for District Chairmen and proposed engaging the Sports Minister to subsidize AstroTurf rental costs, alleviating financial burdens on club owners. Emphasis was placed on facilitating accessible licensed coaching courses, with arrangements underway for the CAF License A course.

In summary, the meeting unveiled a comprehensive set of initiatives aimed at strengthening various facets of Ghanaian football, from grassroots support to gender inclusivity and professional development.


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