The league started smoothly with impressive and stunning performances from underdog clubs who were just introduced to the league. The likes of Union Sportive Avranches and Progen FC exhibited great resilience from the onset of the first round. Accra Athletics FC of Zone 1, went unbeaten in the first round, while Desidero FC and Kotoku Shining Stars both of Zone 4 battled intensely with first place on their league table.
The Second round of GARFA Division Two Middle League started with surprises, as Still Believe reared their head with sustained wins until Progen FC obstructed their unbeaten record.
Accra Athletics on the other hand conceded two loses in the second round making them the only club to have conceded two loses in the entire season in the history of the Regional Football Association Division Two League.
Danbort FC proved their dominance in Zone 2 after outwitting FC Raisa to get to the top of their league table.
At the end of the second round, Accra Athletics became champion of Zone 1, Danbort FC, champion of Zone 2, Banana Inn FC crowned champion of Zone 3, Desidero FC immerged the Champion of Zone 4, Auroras FC crowned champions of Zone 5 and Zone 6 champion was Still Believed FC.
After a keenly contested middle league, which was categorized into Group A and Group B, Still Believe sat on top of their group with 4points, no loss, one win,one draw after playing two matches.
Desidero FC on the other hand beat Accra Athletics FC placing them on top of their Group’s league table. They accrued 6 points, with 2 wins, no loss, zero draw after playing two matches too.
GARFA Division Two Middle League Grand Finale debut was between Still Believe FC of Group A from Zone 6 fame and Desidero FC of Group B from Zone 4 fame.
The match travelled to 95minutes length and Still Believe FC immerged Champion of GARFA Division Two League 2022/2023 Football Season.


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