The Greater Accra Regional Football Association, GARFA in collaboration with its Women Committee are duly launching the GARFA DIVISION ONE LEAGUE come Saturday at the LA MCDAN Town Park.

20 clubs are participating in this year’s competition which has been categorized into two zones, A and B.
Each zone will comprise of 10 clubs to compete rigorously to sort out the best 5 from each zone.

At the end of the 2022/23 league season the five of each zone will be maintained to form the Division 1 from 2023/24 football season while remaining teams will start the maiden edition of GARFA Women’s Division 2 League.

Henceforth, the women league under GARFA shall be subjected to a promotion and relegation system to make the women football more lucrative and highly competitive.

As part of promoting and improving women football in the Region, an award scheme shall be implemented to award the best coach, best player and best referee categories at the end of every month.

Trophies and medals for the competitions shall be displayed at the opening ceremony


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