The GARFA Women Division One League Committee convened at the Accra Sports Stadium on January 4, 2024, with a primary agenda of introducing a four-member committee. Emphasizing FIFA’s new policy to encourage greater female participation in the sport, the meeting saw a good representation from total number of clubs in the Women league.

Lawyer Cleopatra Nsiah Nketiah assumed the role of Chairperson, Alhaji Abdul Karim Mustapha Oliver as Vice Chairman, Elizabeth Atinam Pogbila Ayambila as the Administrator and Mrs. Hannah Baidoo-Dedzi who also a Committee Member for the GARFA Women Division One League. The committee addressed crucial registration matters, highlighting the closure of the Second window by the end of January.

In a move to enhance player documentation, the National Identification Authority will collaborate with the RFA to streamline the issuance of Ghana Card for FIFA Connect registration.

Marking a significant milestone, the league is scheduled to officially kick off on January 20, 2024, showcasing a commitment to advancing women’s football and fostering a supportive environment for its growth.


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