GARFA : Update on FIFA Stimulus Package

The Executive Council of the Greater Accra Football Association (GARFA) met on the Wednesday, 23rd September, 2020 discussing on the disbursement of the FIFA stimulus Package.

The FIFA Covid -19 relief fund was disbursed by the Ghana Football Association as every Regional Football Association received an amount of 4,000 dollars, approximately GH 23,000.

However, the executive council of GARFA have decided on how to utilize the relief funds in order to develop football in the region after vowing to aid its members.

The Exco members have decided to enhance the game at the district level i.e juvenile and 3rd division football, which will see all the 12 district to receive their share of the funds.

Furthermore, there is an arrangement to empower the division 2 clubs and they have been included in the funds as well due to how they have been affected by the global pandemic. They are to benefit from the funds through Administrative services.

The Exco have included the end of year budget in regards to the funds, the funds will take care of the budget for the new season.


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