The Chairman of GARFA last week Thursday September 21, 2023 met with the Twelve Newly Promoted GARFA Division Two Clubs at the RFA Office.
In his opening remarks,the GARFA Capo,Mr Samuel Aboabire informed the clubs that the RFA is introducing a Novelty Cup dubed ‘The GARFA Super Cup’.
This Cup is mainly for the newly qualified clubs to help them access their team strength ahead of the 2023/24 GARFA Division Two League.

The Chairman added that the association shall make very good use of the Catch Them Young Referees during the tournament.
He reiterate to the clubs that the commencement date for the 2023/24 GARFA Division Two League will not be changed. November 3-5, 2023 still holds as start date.
The GARFA Vice Chairman,Mr Gabriel Godwin Kwao took his turn to educate the clubs on the importance of League Reporting time and kick-off, Stewards,Field Preparations, the Garfa League and urged them to refrain from acts that may attract fines during the League Season.
He encouraged the clubs to pay their Affiliations and Fines on time.
Mr. George Aforklenyuie, the GARFA Division Two League Board Chairman informed the clubs about upcoming Field Inspections exercises ahead of the New League Season.
He also encouraged the clubs to be abreast with the New GFA /RFA Regulations.
Additionally,he educated the clubs on importance of a Team Sheets and Team Officials on a Match Day.
The League Board Chairman also bestowed on the clubs to be Friendly, learn to be good losers, avoid attacks on Match Officials and be Football Business Minded instead of chasing only the three maximum points at stake.
Furthermore ,he highlighted on the benefits of Good Club Branding, Technical Team and Stewards. He encouraged the clubs to take all GARFA Social Media handles very serious.

Mr. Samuel Aboabire in his closing remarks thanked all the clubs for coming in their numbers and mentioned that the RFA’s doors are opened 24/7 to serve all clubs.


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