The Chairman of the Greater Accra Regional Football Association (Mr Samuel Aboabire), his Vice and some members of the Exco had a fruitful meeting with the Chairmen of the District Football Associations of GARFA on Friday January, 13 2023 at the Accra Sports Stadium (Media Centre).

The purpose of the meeting mainly centered on GARFA’S products handled directly by the District i.e. the Division 3 and Juvenile leagues and covered other areas like effective administration of the various District, branding and how to effectively use the media to make the game more visible and vibrant in their District and the Region at large.

The GARFA Chairman after listening to the challenges and suggestions from his District chairmen thanked all of them for their hard work despite their various challenges.
He went on to advice that the best way to go is to consult each other to pick or learn best practices to advance the general course of the Region.
He charged the chairmen to team up with their Executive Council to be more effective.

It was announced to them that GARFA is introducing 3 new product (competitions), one for Division 3 and two for the Juvenile this season, 2022/23.
While the Third Division would have the INTER DISTRICT CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP to be played at the end of the season, the Juvenile would have the REGIONAL JUVENILE FA CUP(for clubs) and REGIONAL JUVENILE INTER DISTRICT LEAGUES (for District select sides).

The 2022/23 3rd Division League for GARFA will be launched on 20th January, 2023 in the Accra West District.

GARFA Chairman emphasized on the need for District FA’s to create Communications team to project their activities.



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