GARFA Holds Seminar For Elite Match Commissioners

The Greater Accra Regional Football Association in collaboration with the Greater Accra Match Commissioners Association on Saturday 5th June 2021 held a seminar for the newly-recruited match commissioners who will supervise the ongoing Division Two league.

The one-day seminar held at the Ghana League Clubs Association(GHALCA) Hall at the Accra Sports Stadium saw 60 elite match commissioners Bern trained on how to report on matches and other related issues so far as football is concerned.

The Greater Accra Regional Association Vice-Chairman Mr Gabriel Godwin Kwao also hailed the elite match commissioners.

“This is just like a refresher course but it’s for our newly registered members. It is the first time. Some are already trained potentials but they have not handled any match before. It is useful for them to embrace the new changes in the laws of the game.

Mr Kwao added that the seminar will also boost the works on the match commissioners,for them to assess the referees on and off the field of play.

” As we all know the match commissioner is an independent body to give us the Regional Football Association the report and also help us to monitor the performance of referees.

He, therefore, urged them to focus and think about their work first before anything follows.

Speaking after the training, Chairman of the Greater Accra Regional Match Commissioners DSP Ali Musah Plato, emphasised why the seminar was organised by GARFA.

“This is a one-day seminar organised by the regional Football Association in conjunction with the Greater Accra regional match commissioners Association. We are doing this course for the newly recruited match commissioners and match commissioners who are going to commission the second division matches”.

According to DSP Musah Plato, those match commissioners have not been having opportunities to attend any refresher courses unlike the Premier League and division one who have been to a lot of seminars and refresher courses.

He said” This is the reason why we are organising a one-day seminar for them. They are being trained, instruct them how they will do the work.

Mr Thomas Nunoo, the instructor who spearheaded the seminar also added that he believes what they have been taught will be seen in their works.

“They will be able to deliver, because the laws of the game are down to earth making them simple with the use of videos so that they can appreciate it better when the referees decide on the field of play. Since they are going to assess the referees, they must know and understand the concept better in order to see whether the referees are doing the right in the application of the laws”.

He commended the GARFA and urged to them continue such courses to embrace them.

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