GARFA: First Ordinary Congress held Successfully

The current leadership of the Greater Accra Football Association held it first ordinary Congress yesterday at the premises of the Accra Sports Stadium.

GARFA Exco Members
Congress Members

The congress saw about 140 congress men out of the 150 total congress members. The congress was scheduled to make sure that it glues GARFA to its constituents on the affairs of the association.

The first agenda of the day was the account of the Greater Accra Football Association which has been audited by this administration after five years unaudited.

The account was audited in collaboration with officials from the Auditors General Department and the Account department of the Regional Football Association (GARFA).

The issues of commencing for the 2020/2021 season was the second issue that was discussed by the congress members as opined different dates.

However, the second week in March,2021 was suggested with the approval of the Ghana Football Association and the Ministry of Health, the new season can be started.

Activity reports was also outlined to congress members, even though COVID -19 halted many activities, GARFA was able to achieve many objectives which they made it clear at the congress grounds.

Finally, the association managed to get resource personnels from Enterprise Life Insurance to educate members on how to secure insurance for injury players.


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