GARFA Chairman, Mr Samuel Aboabire Observes Women D1 Match Day 5 at La McDan Park.

On February 18, 2024, amidst the vibrant atmosphere of the La McDan AstroTurf, Immigration Ladies clashed with Sissamba Ladies in a riveting encounter during match day 5 of the GARFA Women Division 1 League. The spectacle unfolded at 10 am and culminated in a nail-biting 3-2 victory for Immigration Ladies.

Under the watchful eye of GARFA Chairman, Mr. Aboabire, the pitch became a battleground for skill and determination. The match not only showcased the prowess of the competing teams but also drew a sizable and enthusiastic crowd of spectators.

The GARFA Women’s Division 1 League continues to be a breeding ground for emerging talent, with these young girls demonstrating exceptional abilities and promising futures in the world of football.


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