The season began with new entrants who pulled great competitions for the experienced clubs. The league had two groupings solely to encourage relegation and promotion system.
Group A and Group B comprising 10 clubs each where each of those clubs who fell below 5th position of the league table shall be relegated to form the Division Two side of the GARFA Women League.
Group A saw the likes of Ideal ladies whose player, Lovia Akorful won the best defender for the entire season. Besiktas Ladies whose player Vida Adu Boafo Anim, was nominated for best player for the month of April, Rock Ladies FC whose player Abigail Ewusiwaa who was nominated for best player for the month of May, GRA Ladies who are one of the giants of the group having an astute coach and Epiphany Warriors FC who place first on their league table.
Group B on the other hand saw the likes of Zaafi Ladies whose forward Christabel Boateng turned out with 5 hatricks in the entire season , Blessed Ladies who made it to the semi finals last season , Halifax Queens whose player Mercy Attoborah won the goal queen for the entire season, Immigration Ladies who were strong opponents to outwit with an experienced coach and Jonina Ladies FC who went unbeaten throughout the season.
They have to their credits best player for the season Thelma Baffour and 5time hattricker having 25goals.
At the end of the second round, Epiphany Warriors FC came first in their group’s league table with 52points , 17 wins, drew 1 , lost none and scored 88goals after playing 18matches, whereas Jonina Ladies FC turned first in their club with 18 wins, no draw, no loss, 128 goals and 54 points after playing 18 matches.
The two finalists from each group qualified to play GARFA Women Division One League 2022/2023 Grand Finale.
At the end of the grand clash, Epiphany Warriors FC emerged champion of Champions for GARFA Women Division One League 2022/2023 Football Season.
Ayekooo! To Epiphany Warriors.

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