Division 2: League Board Chairman on Covid-19

The covid-19 has negatively affected the division 2 league and this has really affected our preparations towards the new season according to league board chairman Mr George Aforklenyuie.
He said that ‘the 2019/2020 season was to start in March and the very week in which the league was about to start that was when the ban on all social gathering came to play.”
“This crisis have been a disaster on the clubs in terms of catering for the welfare of their teams because many of these teams are financed by people but the absence of football means that the business aspect of the game cannot be achieved and this is really affecting the clubs.”
“However, the RFA and the league board have been engaging the clubs in a series of meeting to encourage club owners.
Meanwhile, he stated that no decisions have been taken as they wait to hear from the Ghana football Association.”

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