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The Greater Accra Football Association unlike the other Regional Associations has been around almost as long as the Ghana Football Association itself. In fact even much longer,  since the Ghana Football Association was virtually carved out of it.

History has it that the birth of the game of Football in Ghana started in Cape Coast around.

It’s proper organization and Administrative management kicked-off in Accra.     One Mr Richard Akwei became the Chairman of the National Football Association in Accra , who had the mandate to organize and run all Football affairs in the then Gold Coast

It is appropriately relevant to note that this same body headed by Mr. Akwei was originally administering Football League matches in Accra before the then British colonial Government gave them the Authoritative Fiat to Nationalize their activities.
Thus the historical foundation of the Greater Accra Regional Football Association.

The Colonial system metamorphosed with time.
In the Dr. KWAME Nkrumah era, everything Sports fell under one Powerfully Unique National Sports Council, which under one Mr. OHENE DJAN, virtually operated independent of any Ministry, reporting directly to the President.
Subsequent Governments however reduced the audacious authority of the Sports Council and appropriately placed it under various Sector Ministries. At one time under Youth and Sports, at another time under the Ministry of Education and even as a Separate Ministry of Sports.

Those days and time, the Minister or Ministers found their own ways of selecting various Chairmen for the FA , from the GFA to the RFAs . The Chairmanship of the GFA and the REGIONAL FAs was virtually by appointment and was at the whim and caprices of the Government of the day. The Government of the day will simply choose its cronies, and they automatically assume the Chairman and Vice Chairmanship positions.
These two operated with an Administrative Secretary provided by the National Sports Council.

This was appropriately replicated at the Regions. And the two did not necessarily have to have anything doing in Football. They were there because the Government said so. There was however a slight democratic change in the 1980s. This time the Government brought two people and a certain congress was obliged to vote for one to become the Chairman and vanquished assumed the Vice Chairmanship role.

With time, the power of the People prevailed when the FA Congress settled on a reconciliatory amendment, where Government still appointed the Chairman but the Clubs, then through A very strong and versatile League Clubs Association elected an Executive, whose Vice chairman became an automatic Vice Chairman of the FA. Thus the Renaissance of Clubs beginning to take FA rulership into their own hands.

In a FIFA Congress in 2005, FIFA effectively took a firm decision to completely alienate Government influences, control and interference from any Member Associations, hence totally throwing the management of the beautiful game solely in the hands of Football People.
Any Country therefore, that attempts to interfere or interrupt the FA affairs in his jurisdiction will definitely be courting the displeasure of FIFA and could have its membership with the Federation suspended until the
Kwesi Nyantekyi was elected in 2005 as President of the GFA to herald the new order.

The Greater Accra Regional Football Association elected Mr JordanAnagblah (late), in a closely contested election in 2005 in consonance with the dictates of the new order in our Region. He defeated Mr Emmanuel Armah, also late, in a re-runned after a tight first round vote.
NiiKomiete Eddie Doku was heading the Region, having been Vice Chairman under Jordan Anagblah since 2005, taking over after his demise in 2012. Mr. Eddie Doku served as Chairman till 2018.