🌟 Successful Coronation Ceremony for Kotoku Shinning Stars Fc🌟

🏆 Kotoku Shinning Stars FC has been crowned Zone 4 Champions by the Greater Accra Regional Football Association! Led by the dedicated Chairman Samuel Aboabire (Kataar), this historic achievement marks their first qualification for the Garfa Middle League.

👏 Congratulations to the management, technical team, players, and supporters for this remarkable milestone. A special shoutout to all the dignitaries who graced the occasion and supported the coronation.

🥇 From finishing 4th in their debut season (2021/22) to clinching 2nd place in 2022/23, Kotoku Shinning Stars’ journey to the top is truly inspiring. This season, they’ve claimed the championship title, surpassing strong contenders like Sporting Club Accra, Dansoman Wise, and more.

🌟 Well done, Kotoku Shinning Stars! Your hard work and perseverance have paid off. Here’s to many more victories ahead.


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